Why is handmade special?

I think the most beautiful gifts I've ever received have been handmade. My family is a clan of enthusiastic gifters—we love giving the perfect gift. But instead of spending money, we were encouraged to learn skills, create things and perfect our craft. And when we presented our labours of love to one another, we were rewarded with an overflow of warm appreciation in return. 

Gifting is a uniquely human way 

of showing someone that you know 

how to make their heart happy. 

This is why I set out to curate luxury, handmade goods, lovingly made by my fellow Canadians, so that when the time comes, you have somewhere to go in search of that perfect gift. Share the pieces you find in Canadian Curation with a loved one, with your clients and with your friends—local and international. There's pride to be had in knowing what wonders our country holds.

- Milena Hrebacka, Founder

Welcome to Canadian Curation.

The subscription box that carries the pride of a nation inside.

We've curated only the finest, tried-and-tested luxury handmade goods from every province across Canada, and have placed them in your hands. The items in our subscription boxes and in our store have made a remarkable journey to get to you, so we hope you savour, indulge and share this rare gift of discovery.

Love for Canadian Curation

"Bought this honey (Bee Savvy Co. flavoured honies) at a market in Ottawa, can confirm it is delicious!"

Alessandro A. Ottawa, ON

"Here's a preview of the Fall Box. Yummy scents, textures, tastes and smells! All Canadian made with love."

Diana F. North Grenville, ON

"Yeah!! I want one of those kimonos!!" (Rose & White Kimono)

Pia L. Seattle, WA