Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Subscription Box work?

Our subscription box is seasonal, meaning you choose how many boxes you want to receive (one, two or four) and it'll ship on the next seasonal shipping date. You have until the day before each shipping date to place your order and get in on that seasonal box before the opportunity passes! 

No two subscription boxes are the same, which is what makes them such a unique and exciting gift. Each box is tailored to the upcoming season so you/the recipient can enjoy its contents to the fullest. This also means that the contents of each box is a surprise (with the exception of our Fall Launch Box, shown below).


Spring = March 1st

Summer = June 1st

Fall = September 1st

Winter = December 1st

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

You would have had to check the box "Automatically renew my subscription" in order to be re-billed. If you checked the box for automatic subscription renewal when you first ordered your subscription box, you will be re-billed once your subscription term ends, on the 11th day of the month before seasonal boxes are shipped. For example: You purchased the Subscription Box for 2 Quarters (2 seasonal boxes). Regardless of the day that you made your purchase, your account will be reset so that you paid on the 11th of the month before your first box is shipped out. This ensures that your order is placed on-time for every consecutive seasonal box. If you think this explanation sucks (and right you are), feel free to email: info(at) to speak with a real person who can probably explain it better :)

When do you sell out of Subscription Boxes?

That is yet to be seen, my friend! We carry small quantities of between 20 - 50 boxes each season, depending on the previous year's trends. We will run Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaigns as we come close to selling out so if you are following us on social media, you won't miss out!