Resurgence & Awareness


In each seasonal Box, we bring you goods that will prepare you for the upcoming changes in weather, temperature, needs in self care and nutrition. Within the Spring Box are items that will ENERGIZE, INVIGORATE and REVIVE your body & soul.


Subscribe to the Spring 2019 Box

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1 Quarter

1 Awaken to Spring Box. Ships: March 1, 2019

2 Quarter Prepay

2 Seasonal Boxes; one delivered every three months. First shipment: March 1, 2019; second shipment: June 3, 2019

4 Quarter Prepay

4 Boxes over 12 months; you'll receive a box tailored to each season for the next year. First shipment: March 1, 2019; second shipment: June 3, 2019; third shipment: Sept. 3, 2019; fourth shipment: Dec. 1, 2019

How does a Subscription Box work?

Our subscription box is seasonal, meaning you choose how many boxes you want to receive (one, two or four) and it'll ship on the next seasonal shipping date. You have until the day before each shipping date to place your order and get in on that seasonal box before the opportunity passes! 

No two subscription boxes are the same, which is what makes them such a unique and exciting gift. Each box is tailored to the upcoming season so you/the recipient can enjoy its contents to the fullest. 

---  2019 BOX SHIPPING DATES:  ---

Spring = March 1st

Summer = June 3rd

Fall = September 3rd

Winter = December 1st